Friday, 4 December 2015

Detox Time

I am a self confessed social media addict,  I spend at least 4-6 hours at day when I'm not working, on either my phone social media apps or my laptop. The benefits or as I have noticed recently the disadvantages of unlimited mobile data, feeds my addiction. Whether its flicking through Instagram while waiting for my bus to arrive or updating my Snapchat story of fun outings with my family and friends.

Recently I saw a meme on Facebook that said 'Instagram isn't working, so you'll have to describe your lunch to me', this meme got me thinking- am I that person who needs to justify how good her lunch tasted with a good caption and filter? Am I that person who must document fun times on social media or else it didn't happen?

Each day, I was beginning to get bombard with posts by beautiful women, with perfect hair, perfect teeth and a body to die for. Somehow I was under the illusion that she got all of those perfect features all because she bought a dress from a popular brand she was paid to talk about? I would consider myself in all aspects of my life as pretty independent, I'm not super opinionated but I have morals and my own ideas about the world based on them. So why am I being sucked into a world of social media perfection and competition to be have the perfect life, when realistically I don't.

I'm not saying I have a bad life- I fact I believe I have a great one. I'm the happiest I have ever been with great friends, family and hopefully a great future ahead of me. What I can't understand is how these pictures of women I have never met, women who I'm not even sure exist or have their original bodies, was making me second guess how happy or successful my life was? So I decided to have a detox.

I decided to unfollow most of the profiles of women I had never met, who posted regularly about their weightloss treatment or who plugged every fashion brand known to man about how FAB their clothes are. By most I mean the majority because I suppose a small part of me does want to still be 'in the loop' of fashion and beauty updates. Less #skinnytea and #gymbunny and more #fashion and #positivity.

My eyes have been opened to how social media can create a culture of peer pressure, and I have decided to detox myself from the pressure. From now on I will appreciate everything I have, not just through a rose tinted filter.. but with my own two eyes.

A x

Friday, 11 September 2015

Girl Boss: The Irish Blogger Edition

Who doesn't love a girl boss? and more importantly who doesn't love a born and bred Irish girl boss?! Confident, gorgeous and independent women, enjoying great success in the blogging industry. There is nothing I love more than some blogging time, by this I mean snuggling up in my pyjamas with a big cup of tea browsing through endless amounts of blogs, vlogs and YouTube videos.
So I have decided to give you a quick snapshot of some of my favourite Irish bloggers- bare in mind this is only a few, everyday I'm discovering new and exciting bloggers who have just begun on their journey.

Love Lauren

Love Lauren

Lauren is probably on the first bloggers I discovered, this Cork beauty has recently launched her new and improved blog/website. Her content focuses on high street style and fashion, she boasts an eveible amount of style thats really accessible to everyone. She also is a fellow brunette, giving loads of inspiration for colours, cuts and blow-dries for us short haired girls. Lauren regularly visits her boyfriend in London, which gives her blog a british theme with cute London sites and sounds.

Rosie Connolly

Hearts Heels and Handbags

Rosie is a Dublin based blogger, her blog- Hearts, heels and handbags has over 61.4 thousands followers on Instagram. While being a full time MUA and blogger, Rosie is also mum to the cutest little boy named Harry, who regularly features on her social media sites-this women really does it all!   Rosie has transitioned her blog from maternity wear during her pregnancy to street and comfortable  style of a busy working mum. She talks opening about the pressures and anxieties she feels and first time mum, which reveals the genuine kindness and openness of her content. She also has a very active snapchat account, bringing you along on her day to day life in Dublin. Find her on snap chat: rosieconxxx.

Grace Mongey

I first discovered Grace through her snapchat: facesbygrace23. This girls seriously is a snapchat queen, she keeps us updated 24/7 of her active life as a MUA for Bare Minerals, free lance MUA, blogger and YouTuber. Grace is such a genuine great person, she shares her life online: including her on going weight battle and ongoing gym sessions. Her slimming world journey will have you wanted to join her in loosing weight and being healthy. She regularly updates amazing makeup tutorials to her YouTube channel, as well as product reviews and style tips and tricks. If your looking for a dedicated blogger who constantly uploads snapchat content then Grace is your girl! 

Niamh Webb O' Rourke

How amazing is this girls style? Niamh seriously inspires me to be more outgoing and adventurous with my style. Niamh blog is full of quirky, unique and seriously fashionable outfits I could only dream of owning and styling. Niamh is also very active on Instagram, she regularly holds competition and is very good at reply to comments about outfits makeup etc. Her YouTube channel displays her makeup skills, and how she gets her brows so 'on fleek'. Needless to say I am a huge fan of the Love Life Blog, and super excited to see Niamh do well in the future.

I hope you all enjoy some blogging time too and give these girls the support they deserve.

A x

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Back on the bandwagon

Nine months, nine whole long months- the same amount of time to create a baby and I haven't written one post. To say the least I'm a little disappointed in myself. It had taken me so long to even get the courage to publish something on my blog, and to have failed so miserably at creating content so early on in my blogging adventure is a serious fail on my behalf. I suppose I started my blog with all the best intentions, but when it actually came down to it I haven't really got any idea what I want to base my blog theme on or what I want to write about.

But today it hit me, I don't need a theme, I don't need to know exactly what I want or what I want to write about. The whole point of having a blog is to express yourself to others, or even just to yourself if your only starting out. Looking at amazing bloggers such as Faces by Grace find her blog Here and Love Lauren Here to name but a few, I feel like they have it all figured out, they know exactly what they want and how to get it. Yes they are amazing bloggers and yes they have great content and themes, but I must remind myself that they have been at this a lot longer than me, they have so much more experience and time to establish themselves as key players in the blogging industry.

Today I stumbled upon a friend of mines newly publish blog, Thatssochlo. I never even knew she had a blog, nor did I know she was publishing regular content but she was too nervous to release it to the social media world. She is a perfect example of how I also feel, nervous of peoples reactions, nervous of failing, nervous of being no good. All of which she and I have nothing to be nervous about, she had the guts to put herself out there, and its given me the major kick the butt I needed to get back on the bandwagon- hence the title! :)

So today I have made a promise to myself to stick at this blog, to enjoy it for myself, to be proud of what I write and not to be nervous.
Basically I'm saying to stay tuned, there is more to come in the future. I am very excited for it.

To be continued...

A x

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Being too generous?

When is being too generous a bad thing? In the past I've been involved in working to help the homeless, I've volenteered with St Vincent de Paul on numerous occasions who work tirelessly to help people in need. I try to do my best for people less fortune than me, give them some change into their begging cup, buy them a coffee when I have an extra few euro in my pocket, a sandwich other days when I pass someone I see sitting lonely on the streets of Dublin. But an experience today has made me double think my actions and the actions of people who show such generousity and kindness to the homeless society of Ireland and worldwide.

I personally witnessed a so called homeless man have a very loud and honest conversation with a friend on a bus. He made it quiet clear that he was infact abusing all this generousity, he explained how he has a flat in Athy but preferred not to pay rent, he personally chose to live on the streets and still draw his housing benefits allowance. He travels regualrly to Dublin "sure ya can get free everything up there clothes, food, showers, anything you need", so this would "save us having to spend our dole money, just take what they have".

He went on to say how over Christmas he managed to steal over €900 worth of goods from one shop alone but visiting it over five times in the one day. Thinking of all the business under pressure to stay open, to make ends meet, all those business men struggling forced into receivership and life long debt. Yet this so called 'person in need' saw it ok to steal from others and still benefit from the goodness of others when he felt like it. 

Throughout the conversation which I couldn't but hear by the harsh loud volume of his voice, I was appalled and so angry! It made me so annoyed to hear someone draining the small resources for the homeless just becuase he could. 

So is there an appropriate time to say no more? Is it fair to punish those genuinely in need by the actions of greedy heartless others? Where did we loose sight of helping and become facilitators of dependence and greed? 

It is wrong I know, to paint everyone with the same brush but it does make me think twice about helping someone 'in need', is it an act? Do they really need my help or are they just abusing the image of helplessness?! 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Velvet Vixen

I am a self-confessed online shopping addict! There I have said it, the first step in recovery is admitting it right? Throughout my endless hours of online clothing viewing I've noticed a slow but steady style trend remerging and that is velvet.

Here are a few of my favourite velvet vixen pieces available on line.

The Swing Dress

River Island €53 
This dress is a very understood elegant velvet dress, royal blue with lace shoulder detailing adding to the elegance and simplicty of look.

The Show Stopping Shorts

Missguided €22.09 
Feeling sassy? These lace trim shorts are defiantly an adventurous item for any girl wanted to slow off a bit of leg this Christmas season. Red velvet screams party outfit, theme with some killer heals and your good to go.

The Understated Accessories

 Not sure if your ready to embrace the full velvet revolution? Have no fear I have some cool and easily worn accessories. Perfect to add just a hint of velvet to your outfit or wardrobe.

Missguided hair bobbin €3.89
Missguided Velvet slipons €19.49

Monday, 15 December 2014

Can I get one too?

Can I get one too? Is the question I ask myself when I see an influx of bloggers receiving the same items from brands. Being an avid blog reader and follower of a long list of Irish, English & International blogs, I find myself bombarded with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram images of identical items.

Take for explain Daniel Wellington watches, in the past four to six weeks I've noted over 7 bloggers receiving the same exact watch. Don't get me wrong, of course everyone would only love a DW watch and especially as a gift, me included. I just wonder if this over exposure to the blogging world may tarnish the brands exclusive image?

I personally went shopping for a watch as a gift to my boyfriend for christmas this week, I knew exactly what I wanted something chic, understated and timeless. The lady in the store recommend a DW watch. Initially the style of the watch was exactly what I wanted but I didn't buy one, mostly because I felt everyone had one. It wasn't exclusive or unique, exactly what I want from a gift retailing on average at over 200 euro. I saw that every blogger I followed had one, but this a marketing strategy had the opposite effect on me, instead of making me want one it made me not want one because it was such a common item in every bloggers PO box.

So maybe I don't want one too? maybe I want something unique, something fresh and new. Not just an item I'm convinced I want just because everyone else has one too. I can see myself being moulded by clever marketing and selling, instead of personal choice and style.

"I'm an individual, yeah, but I'm part of a movement
My movement told me be a consumer and I consumed it".

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Introduce yourself


Welcome to my first ever blog post! After months and months of thinking overthinking and more thinking, I have finally plucked up the courage to create a blog.

I haven't exactly decided on what exactly my blog will be exclusively based on but I hope you will enjoying following my on my blogging journey and see where I might end up!

Without boring you all with details, my name is Aimee :) I am a Irish student living the dream in the capital! I have a passion for everything pretty, girlie and fun.  I love fashion, makeup, clothes and everything fabulous!

Stay tuned for up coming posts and lets see where this goes!